Have You Ever Dreamed Of......

Have you ever walked on Roman roads, sailed down the rivers of kings and felt the strange become the familiar? Have you ever taken a journey that brought the world to life and somewhere along the way did the same to you? Have you dreamed of taking a vacation that was as easy as simply packing your bags? A vacation where every Last Detail has already been thought of and all you have to do is wake up and enjoy each and every day? If you’d like to answer “Why yes, I have” come journey with us on a River Cruise and see the fascinating people, places and things along the world’s legendary rivers of Europe, Asia, and Egypt as well as the Galapagos Islands. Did you know that you could travel for FREE just by being a group leader? By being a group leader, you will help grow a group, however, you won’t need to be a travel agent! Divine Destinations can take care of those details, simply chose the itinerary you want and start telling your friends! Want to host a “sneak peek” party complete with wines and cheeses from the region? We’d love to help you enhance your party and get your group together so you can travel for free! Ready to get started? Call us at 218-348-2825 and we’ll look forward to designing a new European experience for you – on the river!!

Here’s to your next Divine Destination!

Jennifer Maki