Pack Your Bags

Are you tired of spending hours researching online for your next vacation only to wonder if you really got the best deal?


The average time spent researching a vacation is 22 hours!  Just like you trust an expert to manage your financial portfolio, keep your hairstyle on point and hire a cleaning service instead of doing it yourself, why not trust your vacation to an expert?  Let us pour through the research and serve you our “Divine Five” picks for you to consider including vacation enhancing tours, spa treatments or special extras at no cost to you – guaranteed we’ll find one that fits your budget and vacation style perfectly!


Did you think it costs more to work with a travel advisor?  Many people do – those that haven’t worked with one, that is!  USA Today published an article stating “travel advisors save you on average $452 over DIYing it yourself online”  $452?  What could you do with that extra money?  In addition to the savings we can provide, we also have access to special promotions or inclusions that are not available to the public.  We offer flexible payment options make it easy to budget and super easy to pay; typically deposits are as little as $200/pp and final payment is due about 45 days prior to departure.  No need to smoke your credit card by paying in full like online sites – with Divine Destinations we make it easy to budget and leave room on your credit line for cute swimsuits, sun dresses and of course SANDALS!


Are you overwhelmed with the results when you googled “Best Caribbean Resort for Honeymooners”?  You should be!  The results are mind blowing!  The benefit of working with a travel advisor is that we take the time to find out what is really important to you for this particular vacation.  Not all are the same so they shouldn’t be treated like a cookie cutter package.  If you are adventurous you will not enjoy the ultra chill resorts of the remote islands.  However, if you are seeking an eco friendly experience with an opportunity to do some voluntourism we know exactly where to advise and where to steer you clear from.  This is your special getaway – let us help you enjoy every last minute of it!


Vacations are precious!    Are you worried you may have chosen the wrong resort, ship or even location?  We understand it can be fun to research and wade through the pictures online but have you ever stopped to wonder if the picture of the beachfront resort is really beachfront or is it across the street and actually a heavily populated public beach?  We’ve personally traveled to over 17 countries in the past 10 years so chances are I’ve been there, ate that, seen that and lived to tell about it!


We provide the peace of mind you need when traveling to a new destination!  When there’s a problem with a flight, dealing with an airline can feel like torture. We work as your advocate to resolve problems quickly.  Smart advisors try to prevent problems from happening at all. In winter, we do our best to avoid booking flight connections at airports where snowstorms are likely. Most people aren’t thinking about blizzards when they’re planning travel in June, but no grandparent wants to be stranded at Chicago O’Hare with multiple grandchildren for hours. Travel advisors think ahead about scenarios like this.  In addition, if the transportation doesn’t show up or there is a problem with your room, we’re only a call or message away.  And we offer 24/7 service, so you’re never really on your own.


With the excitement and anticipation of planning your next vacation, do you feel overwhelmed and want some help?  Look no further.  Divine Destinations is your kryptonite.  We use our experience of traveling extensively throughout the world to perfectly match and design your next vacation.  We cut through the clutter and confusion of google searches to provide you with the best hand crafted itineraries that truly give you the most for your vacation dollars.  In addition, the relationships we’ve made along the way ensure our clients are never just another number, but a VIP.  As one hotel manager of a prominent resort chain once said, “A friend of the Diva is a friend of mine.”  In a nutshell, think of us as your personal concierge; we will take care of all of the details and sprinkle in some surprises to ensure you have a memorable vacation and all you have to do is pack your bags!

Ready to get started planning your own Divine Destination?