5 Treasures In Mexico City

I would like to share with you 5 amazing things to do in Mexico City, Mexico. There are always tourist attractions to visit like everyone else that goes to Mexico City sees. But why not make your trip extra unique and see Mexico City differently than the other visitors?

1. Walking Tour
If you are up for walking and taking in the sites, you can go an a professionally guided walking tour of Mexico City. The real Mexico is hidden along side of all the landmarks and tourist sites. On the walking tour you will get the behind the scenes view of what Mexico City has to offer. This tour will reveal a rich blend of people, their culture and their lifestyles.

2. Salón Los Angeles
Do enjoy dancing and good cultural music? This is just the place for you. When you walk into Salón Los Angeles you will be engrossed in Latin American entertainment. The large open dance floor invites you to feel and enjoy the rhythms of the music and all that it has to offer from salsa to the cumbia, you will enjoy the vibe here. Their slogan is ‘Whoever doesn’t know Salón Los Angeles, doesn’t know Mexico’.

3. The Market
Visit Mercado de Medellín. Medellín is a neighborhood market that offers a glimpse of what is being lost as time moves on. Stalls filled with vendors selling fresh spices, fresh fruit juices or sheets of chicharrón are ready and waiting for you. For a traditional lunch at the market, look for Los Canarios. They have been serving grilled meats, like sliced filet mignon a la tabla since 1968. In the market you are sure to find something to love.

4. Maximo Bistrot
A subdued elegant corner bistro that is run by a young husband-and-wife team. With an open kitchen and a handwritten daily menu you will soon learn that this is not your typical restaurant. They set up Maximo Bistrot to showcase fresh produce from in and around Mexico City. The service is excellent and reservations are required.

5. Sunday Bikes
Sunday mornings bring something special. The Paseo de la Reforma which is Mexico City’s grand boulevard, is closed to car traffic and becomes a bike/walking highway for a few hours. This is a wonderful sight, people pedaling past some of the city's most famous attractions. You can join in the fun too. Stop by one of the communal EcoBici bike places or talk to your hotel desk to make a reservation to rent a bike for the event. But think ahead as the EcoBici’s are not open on Sunday’s. And if you're not good on a bike no worries along the bike route are many volunteers manning junctions, repair stations and medical tents (just incase) or you could walk. 

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Here’s to your next Divine Destination!

Jennifer Maki