What is the most extravagant trip you have ever booked for someone?

The most extravagant trip I have ever booked for someone had all the bells and whistles and spared nothing when it came to expense. The reason? My client felt he had waited too long to take this trip that his wife had dreamed of for so long. “She always wanted to go to Hawaii”, he told me. But life got in the way. His business was launching and then expanding and becoming extremely successful, however, ironically enough as his business success grew, his personal success plummeted. He got older, fatter, and wiser. Hey, don’t we all? And this year he was going to make it memorable - he was going to surprise his wife with the ultimate birthday gift and I Love You More gesture - So I booked a multi-island itinerary, a second Honeymoon per say. We incorporated a day trip to the waterfalls by helicopter, explore the Road to Hana and even go zip lining through the rainforest! Each night there was something to look forward to; whether a luau or a candlelight dinner on the beach. Each day had some sort of surprise sprinkled in from a romantic couple’s massage to a relaxing beach day with no expectations. He was so proud of himself for hiring me to arrange the details; he said it was so easy he, “wished he would’ve done it sooner!”

So I made the reservations for the B&B where they would stay for the weekend, he picked up flowers from a local vendor I suggested, wine and a Hallmark card and off they went with two completely different intentions in mind. Upon checking in and uncorking the wine, he simply couldn’t contain himself. He had to give her the birthday gift NOW! So he excitedly told her that he had something very special to give her and it just couldn’t wait. She then surprised him by saying she too had something to give him. As they exchanged Hallmark cards, they couldn’t be more polar opposites. One said, “I love you now let’s go to Hawaii” while the other said, “I don’t love you anymore, let’s get a divorce.”

A little too much too late? I’m afraid so. An isolated story? Not a chance! In fact, although this story is a hybrid; made up of many true stories I see day after day. This isn’t about one client in particular, but many I have worked with. The moral of the story is don’t wait. Just do it.

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Here’s to your next Divine Destination!

Jennifer Maki